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August Major Collection

The Major Collection is comprised of unique custom designs made for our tour professionals and made available to our Cru Collectors.

"It's the last stop on the road to glory for the game's most coveted titles, and CRU Golf has saved its scorching best for last with their limited edition August Major Collection leather headcovers. CRU's Major Collection designs have become a pantheon of the finest headcovers you'll find anywhere on the planet because they connect you with the soul of the game, and one look at their PGA Championship inspired creations makes it easy to see why golf is in their DNA.

With a slightly dangerous yet incredibly charming black patina body, the August Major Collection's appearance gives a grand nod to the golden age of golf design when players clubbed by feel more than yardage. A distinctive, white diamond pattern pays tribute to the PGA Championship pin flags waving this week at Quail Hollow. And the contrasting stitching in Carolina blue embodies the rugged spirit of North Carolina's timeless golfing heritage.

The leather is authoritative and sumptuous at the same time, making it look like you were put on a waiting list to obtain them. They fit the way headcovers are supposed to fit, with character, not too tight but no wasted space. And CRU's prized quality will command attention and give you a deep sense of lasting gratification as they only get better with time.

You'll see these exact headcovers in the bags of players this week at Quail Hollow, most notably Rickie Fowler, and you can get your own in driver, fairway wood, and hybrid versions but only for a limited time. Anticipation always runs high for CRU's Major Collection headcovers because they're designed with painstaking appreciation and respect for the particular nuance of each major. And when golf history is written it's the major championships that stand out. Players know it. Fans know it. And CRU Golf knows it."

Pete Pappas is a contributing writer for the Cru brand
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Genuine Stealth Black Leather body with ITALIAN leather argyle stripe & grey diamonds with blue stitching. The moisture wicking interior liner is a staple for the CRU headcovers.

Our headcovers are 100% genuine leather and made to withstand the elements of sun, wind & rain.
They are sized to fit all modern clubs. All leather that has been dyed will eventually lose its color fastness. However, Cru has gone the extra mile to ensure that the leathers we use have UV agents within them to help

This classic style head cover is a two-piece design inspired from original leather head covers taken from the 1940s - 1950s. We have modified the original style to include our patented slit on the side of the head cover so that it will fit all modern clubs easily. Our design purpose is to create a head cover that has a snug fit and will adapt to the size of the club if needed over time.